Ruapehu Scenic Shuttles

  Tongariro Area Taxi and Shuttle Service

Tongariro Crossing Transport

Our service is small with no more than 8 people per trip, giving us some flexibility of adjusting our service to suit the customer.    With the average walking times between 6-8 hours this flexibility has the advantage you do not have to wait hours for that scheduled time Bus pick up.   Our aim is to limit that wait at the end to under 1 hour where possible.   If you do not want to wait we also offer an express pick up service and a group discount service. (*group prices based on a van cost per location not per person)

 Contact us direct for details.

Our Schedule?  We dont have one we run on demand.  With over 10 years experience we aim to get you there before or between the Large Bus companies.  

The Only Shuttle Services to the Tongariro Crossing that gives the flexibility of a pick up point in several locations in the area! 
National Park Village 
Whakapapa Village
Crossroads Campsite
Ketetahi Road End (Morning service only)

In fact anywhere along the SH4 corridor from Taumarunui to National Park or SH47/46 in the Ruapehu and Taupo Districts.